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Commenting Guidelines

Thank you for participating in our online discussion forums. In order to ensure an "elevated" level of discussion, please observe the following guidelines:

  • stay on topic (drug policy, as well as the specific topic of the post where you are commenting);
  • posts should be coherent;
  • avoid unnecessary length;
  • don't post essays -- comments should be brief and on topic to the specific post;
  • try to use good spelling and grammar;
  • don't just say the same things over and over;
  • no profanity;
  • no advertising;
  • no personal attacks;
  • no name-calling;
  • no attacks on reform organizations (although reasoned and civil discussion is permitted);
  • no advocacy of violence nor hinting thereof;
  • no suggesting retaliation of any kind against prohibitionists or other opponents
  • no gratuitous sexual imagery;
  • no conspiracy theories;
  • do not use forum to facilitate illegal activities (even activities we think should be legal);
  • do not use forum to express wishes of harm to our opponents, police, etc.;
  • limit attacks on police or prohibitionist advocates to legitimate policy critiques (e.g. no name-calling).

Comments not adhering to these guidelines may be deleted. Management may add or modify guidelines as new situations arise or for other reasons. Commenters who repeatedly violate guidelines may be temporarily or permanently barred from participating in the forums (though management considers this a last resort).