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The 1998 Global Days against the Drug War

June 5-10

For general information contact: [email protected]

Currently, events are planned to take place in the following cities:

New York

On Monday June 8th at 5pm there will be a demonstration for syringe exchange, consisting of rally at Bryant Park followed by a march to Grand Central, sponsored by twelve organisations. Next to activities outside the UN, a panel discussion on UN drug policy reform is prepared, to be held inside the UN on Tuesday June 9th.

June 8th, 1998, 5pm
Demonstration for syringe exchange!
Rally at Bryant Park, 42nd and 6th, and march to Grand Central

President Clinton refuses to fund or support increased syringe access, even while admitting that the programs reduce HIV infections without contributing to increases in drug use. 33 American men, women and children are infected with HIV every day because the President won't lift the funding ban.

Join this massive coalition action to protest the President's immoral decision, on the day of his address to the UN special session on International Drug Control Policy.

Sponsored by: The National Coalition to Save Lives, the Harm Reduction Coalition, ACT-UP NY, ACT-UP Philadelphia, Exponents, Inc./ARRIVE, Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center, the Latino Commission on AIDS, Housing Works, St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction, The New Jersey Harm Reduction Coalition, Common Sense for Drug Policy, Moving Equipment (list in formation).

For information and to get involved, call:

Chris Lanier
National Coalition to Save Lives Now!
c/o the Harm Reduction Coalition
22 West 27th Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10001
212-213-6376, x17
fax. 212-213-6582
email: [email protected]


Marshal Committee - Tim Santamour, 718-832-1209
CD Committee - Jeanne Bergman, 212-979-7213
Legal Committee - Chris Lanier - 212-213-6376, x17; pg. 888-961-6247
Press Committee - Jeanne Bergman, 212-979-7213
Literature/Poster/Flyer Committee - Tim Santamour 718-832-1209/Nancy Margeson, 212-241-0726
March/Rally/Logistics Committee - Susan Whittaker, 215-731-1844/Chris Lanier, 212-213-6376, x17
Outreach Committee - Chris Lanier, 212-213-6376, x17
Speaker organizing - Susan Whittaker, 215-731-1844
Celebrity - Bob Lederer, 212-242-2163, x216

NGO Panel discussion on UN drug policy reform

Next to activities outside the UN, a panel discussion on UN drug policy reform is prepared, to be held inside the UN on Tuesday June 9th. The Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War, together with several other parties, has submitted a formal application for the panel with the UN NGO Committee.

For more information, contact:
Kevin Zeese, Common Sense for Drug Policy Foundation, [email protected]
Adam J. Smith, DRCNet, [email protected].

San Francisco, June 6th, noon


The Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War are
sponsoring a Global Drug Peace Rally in San Francisco, the
birthplace of the United Nations, during the 1998 Global Days
Against the Drug War to protest proposals by the United Nations
to escalate the Drug War globally.

This major public event will take place on Saturday, June 6th from
noon until 6pm at Civic Center Plaza, which is located at the corner
of Polk and Grove. Parking is available around and under the Plaza.

The rally will feature well-known speakers, live music, dancing,
exhibits and information booths, plus a Global Meditation for Drug
Peace at 4:20pm.  This peaceful event is free of charge and 
welcomes people of all ages.

>From 1:00pm until 5:00pm the Global Drug Peace Rally will feature
a broad range of well-known speakers addressing various aspects of
drug policy reform. Although subject to change, the schedule 
currently reads as follows:

Speaker Schedule:

1:00pm 	Julia Carter, Introduction
1:05pm	Richard Evans, The Legalize Initiative
        (On constitutional freedoms)
1:15pm 	Dale Pendell, author
        (On the history of prohibition)
1:30pm 	John Berisford, Tom Murkowski from the November Coalition
        (On prisoners of the Drug War)
1:45pm 	Cheryl Simmons from NIA Consulting Services
        (On women surviving the drug war)
2:00pm  Terence Hallinan, San Francisco District Attorney
        (On alternative programs to incarceration for drug offenders)
2:15pm  Chris Conrad, director of Human Rights 95, and hemp activist
        (On human rights violations of the Drug War)
2:30pm 	Joey Tranchina from the AIDS/Hepatitis Prevention ACTION Netwk
        (On needle exchange programs)
2:45pm 	Dale Gieringer, Director of California NORML
        (On marijuana prohibition)
3:00pm 	Dennis Peron and Hazel Rogers, medical marijuana providers
        (On medical marijuana)
3:15pm	J. Tony Serra, well-known defense lawyer
        (On legal aspects of the Drug War)
3:30pm 	Jarrett Wollstein, author and Libertarian
        (On civil asset forfeiture)
3:45pm 	Jane Piper, founder of The Next Collective
        (On dance culture and the right to dance)
4:00pm 	Chet Helms, Council of the Summer of Love Chair
        (On the lessons of the '60s)
4:15pm 	Elizabeth Gips and Paddy, psychedelic elders
       (Global Meditation for Drug Peace)
4:30pm 	John Vasconcellos, CA State Senator
4:45-5:15pm Panel Discussion (tentative):
        Positive Solutions for Creating Peace in the Drug War

D. Sputnik Juelich, a local TV show host, will act as master of
ceremonies throughout the speaking portion of the event.

Besides the main stage, a Free Speech Stage will also be set up
for rally participants to share their views on Drug Peace in a
less formal manner.  Please sign up when you arrive at the rally.


Live music will be provided by:
	The Del Mars
	(from 1:00-1:45pm, lively surf music)
	(from 2:15 until 3:00pm, psychedelic rock/jazz fusion)
 	(from 3:30 until 4:15pm, acid/funk/latin/soul groove music)
        	Open drum/didge circle from 5:00-6:00pm with Fantuzzi

Live Performances by:
         Carol Jo Papac, radio personality and activist
         (from 4:30-5:00pm, reading poetry from Drug War prisoners)

DJ'd Dance Celebration:
A special Psychedelic Trance dance celebration will take
place on the Plaza during the Rally, with music provided
by the following well-known DJs:
	1:00-3:00pm DJ Tom from Koinonea
	3:00-5:00pm Douglas from CCC


The following groups will be providing exhibits at the rally:
	Human Rights 95 (HR95)
	 - Human Rights and The Drug War exhibit
	The Consortium for Collective Consciousness (CCC)
	 - Tibetan Prayer Flag Exhibit of Prayers for Drug Peace
	- Altar representing benefits of Drug Peace for a flower-
	  laying ceremony.

The following groups will have information booths or tables:
	The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
	The Cannabis Action Network
	Human Rights 95
        	The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation
        	The November Coalition
	The Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War
	The Legalize! Initiative
	Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM)
	The Libertarian Party
	The Green Party
        	Just Say Know

More participants to be announced soon...


We invite drug policy reformers from around the world to participate
in a Global Meditation for Drug Peace from 4:20pm-4:30pm Pacific 
Time. Elizabeth Gips, a psychedelic elder, author and well-known 
radio personality, will guide the Global Meditation at the rally along 
with her partner Paddy.

For those not located on the West Coast, 4:20-30pm PST is
7:20-30pm on the 6th in NY, 12:20-30am on the 7th in London,
1:20-30am on the 7th for most of continental Europe, 10:20-30am
in Tokyo, and 9:20-30am on the 7th in Sydney.


Until June 6th, we can help to focus our intent on creating peace in
the Drug War by continuously burning 7-day candles (those that are
poured into tall glass jars for safety) and repeating the modern-day

                   'Stop the Drug War'

whenever we see the lit candle or remember the cause. Just imagine
the impact on our collective consciousness if every person who
hopes for peace in the drug war lights these magical peace candles
in their homes!

Additional information about the rally and how you can contribute
is available from [email protected].

Let's Give Drug Peace a Chance!

Julia Carter
Coordinator, Global Drug Peace Rally
Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War
Voice Mail (415) 971-3573
E-mail: [email protected]


Dallas Rallies To End The Drug War
June 6, June 8

Local Drug Policy Forum of Texas activists and Libertarians are among more than 90 organizations around the world who have announced plans to participate in the Global Days against the Drug War, June 5th-10th. The local activists will hold a rally to bring their message -- that they want the drug war to end -- into the West End district on Saturday, June 6, between 4-7PM. Then they will rally again in front of the Crowley Court building Monday, June 8, from 8-9:30AM.

The Global Days against the Drug War are in reaction to the United Nations special session on drugs which is held June 8th-10th with the purpose of finding ways to step up the drug war all around the world.

The activists are concerned with the loss of freedom and law enforcement excesses that accompany the drug war. They point to incidents like the slaying of Esequiel Hernandez, an innocent teenager, by a military drug patrol last year. And they note, America is tied with Russia as the highest per capita prison system of the world, an achievement mainly due to imprisoning non-violent drug users.

Contact: Rolf Ernst (972) 776-6752 - Wk or (972) 335-6455 Hm
e-mail: [email protected]
P.O. Box 22499
Houston, TX 77227


Contact: Claus Wahlers, [email protected]


A national coalition of reform organisations is preparing UK participation in the Global Days against the Drug War. See the article in the Independent of March 28th. We are organising a street theatre type event to take place in London. It will involve a drama showing the process from production, through supply to street use of illegal drugs. Several celebrities will participate.

NB: The London event is not a public event; this is a photo opportunity for the press. It will take place on Monday June 8th.

For more information, please contact:
Danny Kushlick
Director of Transform - the campaign for effective drug policy
1 Roselake House
Hudds Vale Road
Bristol BS5 7HY

Tel: +44 (0)117 939 8052
email: [email protected]

Salt Lake City

Hempower will be co-organizing a U.N. Protest at the Utah State Capitol, Sunday, June 7th, at High Noon to protest the United Nations and their Drug Control Policy. See our press release below for more information.

Contact: Ben Valdez Jr.,
Founder of Hempower Utah
web: http://www.aros.net/~hempower/
email: [email protected]


SALT LAKE CITY (May 9, 1998) -- Activists across Utah will join others worldwide in June to protest the United Nations plan to escalate the Drug War on a global scale.

Utah's peaceful protest will be Sunday, June 7, noon until 2 p.m. on the west side of the Utah State Capitol Building. Local bands Smilin' Jack and Elbo Finn will play beginning at noon. Speakers and a march will follow.

"This is not just about pot. It's about peace," said Ben Valdez Jr., member of the Utah Hemp Alliance. "The Drug War is an excuse to violate our human rights."

The Utah Hemp Alliance organized Utah's first Medical/Spiritual Cannabis Rally at the Capitol in August 1997. About 300 people gathered then to support relegalizing Cannabis Sativa L., known as marijuana or hemp, for medical and spiritual use.

The United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs will meet June 8-10 in New York City. Valdez said the U.N. plans to increase military might and further repress freedoms to enforce drug prohibition worldwide.

"Already, we live in a police state where armed law officers can storm into any home on the whim of any informant," Valdez said. "The Drug War is turning neighbor against neighbor."

A PBS "Frontline" April 28 special titled Busted: The War On Marijuana reported that in terms of economic, social and personal damage, the Drug War does more harm than the drugs themselves, especially in the case of marijuana. "Frontline" reported the punishment for marijuana offenses does not fit the crime:

* Arrests for hemp cultivation often result in loss of jobs, homes and children.
* Marijuana growers serve 5 years to 93 years without parole for a non-violent crime.
* Murderers, rapists and child molesters serve less time, become eligible for parole and go free from overcrowded prisons to make room for non-violent marijuana offenders.
* Since mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders passed in 1986, the federal prison population has tripled with more incarcerations on drug offenses than for violent crimes.

"They call it the war on drugs. Actually, it's a war on freedom," said U.S. House candidate Ken Larsen, who will speak at the protest. "Everyone is losing personal freedoms, spelled out in the Bill of Rights, as a result of the Drug War."

Speakers on June 7 will be Kaylin Robinson, national director for the Fully Informed Jury Association; Ken Larsen, Utah Independent Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives District 2; Victor Gordon, civil rights attorney and Independent candidate for Salt Lake County District Attorney; Ben Valdez Jr., founder of Hempower Utah, an activist newsletter; and Jeremy Hughes, advocate for medical marijuana.

The protest will end with a march from the Capitol Building to Liberty Park along State Street and Ninth South to Fifth East. Participants should bring posters, drums and noisemakers.

The Utah Hemp Alliance includes Mood For A Day, Hempower Utah, the Church of the Hemp Goddess, and others dedicated to ending the Drug War. The state alliance united with organizations worldwide to form the Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War including the Drug Reform Coordination Network, the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws, Common Sense for Drug Policy, the Legalize! Initiative, the Media Awareness Project, Compassionate Care Alliance, the Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp, Germany's HANF! Magazine, and many other organizations.

More information about the global protest can be found on the Internet at www.stopthedrugwar.org or visit www.aros.net/~hempower/ for more on Utah's protest.




The New South Wales Users & AIDS Association (NUAA), a drug users group based in Sydney, is planning to participate in the Global Meditation for Drug Peace taking place simultaneously in various cities and countries around the world as part of the Global Days against the Drug War. NUAA and Club Kundalini are co-sponsoring the following:

Event #1: Global Meditation for Drug Peace
Time: Gather at 10:00am to prepare for Meditation at 10:20am and,

Event #2: Dance for Drug Peace theme night at Club Kundalini
Time: 8:00pm til late

Location for both events: Earth Star Temple Space, 333 Crown St., Surrey Hills
Cost: Meditation - free, Dance - $5

Contact: NUAA, Tel: (02) 9369-3455
e-mail: [email protected]

Colville, WA

The November Coalition is sponsoring a Day Against the Drug War on June 6th in Colville, Washington. It will begin at 11am at Heritage Square and continue through the evening.

Speakers: Friends and family of some of America's Drug War Prisoners

Missoula, Montana's Highter Earth Reggae Band
Planetary Refugees (tenative)
The Lambsbread
Clean & Sober
Tommy Walen & Guitar
Consuello Doherty

Contact: Nora Callahan, director, the November Coalition, [email protected]

Tel Aviv

On June 6 there will be a "protest party" in Pacha, a club with access to the beach. It will last from 18:00 until morning, starting with comedians, reggae, rock/pop, etc. and ending with Psy-Trance dance. Note: in Israel, Psy-Trance is "the forbidden style". Our motto for this event will be "The War on Drugs is a crime".

Contact: Legalize! Israel, Nimrod S. Kerrett, +972-3-5273093, [email protected] or via http://legalize.org.il


We will be holding a press conference at noon on Monday, July 8, in front of the DEA Bldg here in Houston. The Drug Policy Forum of Texas will be joined by local representatives of Houston NORML, the ACLU of Texas, and Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) and other organisations.

Contact: G. Alan Robison, executive director, Drug Policy Forum of Texas,
Houston, Texas
[email protected]


On June 8th the Fachforum Drogen of the Gr´┐Żn-Alternativen Jugendb´┐Żndnis, the AG Drogen Berlin of B´┐Żndnis 90/Die GR´┐ŻNEN and other organisations will hold a manifestation at the American Embassy in Berlin.

Contact: Sebastian Bork, [email protected], [email protected]
Tilmann Holzer, [email protected]

Buendnis Hanfparade will organise a special exibition on modern drug policy 1929-1998 at the Berlin Hemp Museum during the Global Prohibition Days. Our organisation has its bureau in the Museum.

Contact: Martin Muencheberg, Berlin
tel: (++49 30) 247 20 233 Fax: (++49 30) 247 20 234 Tuesday - Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. e-mail: [email protected]

Tallinn, Estonia

Saturday, June 6, Legalize! Eesti will hold a Drugs Forum in the open air in Tallinn. Performers, place and exact time will be announced in a few days.

Saturday, June 6, 22.00, there will be an Anti-prohibition Party
Von Krahl Theatre
Performing: TREEE
DJ-s: Saaremets & Tonso

PS! These are the best DJ-s in Estonia. Treee is one of the coolest groups, they recently released a CD the cover of which features the group and behind them is a wall with a legalize sign. You can check them out at http://www.er.ee/r2/treee

Contact: Meelis Kitsing, [email protected]


Monday, June 8th: "1.000 Argumente"

HANF! Magazine organises a mail campaign. Our readers write letters with arguments to our gouvernment, and we will take them to Kohl's. The campaign will be called "1.000 Argumente", starts with the April issue and will bring a lot of mail to the federal gouvernment, altogether supplied to Bonn on Mon, June 8th.

Information: J´┐Żrg Jenetzky, chief editor, HANF! Magazine, [email protected].


Mikael Forsberg, coordinator, Legalize! Sweden, [email protected]


The American Society for Action on Pain (ASAP), striving for adequate pain medication, for all Americans who need it, is planning a "March Against Pain" in Washington. We want to have a Candle Light Service at the Capitol that night for those pain patients who died in the War Against People in Pain by the DEA.

Skip Baker, president, ASAP
P.O. Box 3046, Williamsburg, VA 23187
tel. (757) 229-1840.
Web page at:
http://www.widomaker.com/~skipb/skiphome.html (designs for T-shirts and bumper stickers)


The Belgian national drug policy reform platform, the Drugs Emancipation Alliance, or D.E.A., will hold a manifestation on June 6th in Brussels, Capital of Europe.

D.E.A. consists of Emancipatory Drug Policy Union (DEBED), Citoyens Comme Les Autres (CCLA), which is the interestgroup of Wallonie, the French community of Belgium, and ACT-UP Brussels. DEBED and CCLA are members of the Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War.

Of course the name D.E.A. is not a coincidence, as we believe that the American DEA is the real motor of prohibition and as such is an objective coalition partner of the maffia and other organized crime.

Programme for June 6th: from 13.OO PM on: a great day where drugusers and their organizations will tell to all other policymakers and the general public why the war on drugusers has to stop NOW. We will talk about:

  1. why we dont agree with the war on drugusers (especially the Belgian version)
  2. why we don't agree with the soft/hard discussion and why we fight cannabinism as well as prohibition
  3. the selforganisations of drugusers worldwide and in Belgium
  4. the global days
  5. a round-table with four monuments of drugusersactivists and four ministers of the national government about "depenalization of all druguse as first step towards a real drugpolicy"
  6. the undersigning of a CHARTER to depenalize all druguse (i.e. druguse has to be extracted out of the penal code) by all organizations and decisionmakers who want to undersigne.
  7. there will be artistic and musical interventions
  8. fiesta!

Jean Blanquart, spokesman of the BELGIAN D.E.A., Brussels
e-mail: [email protected]


The Amsterdam Street Party against the War on Drugs is planned for Saturday June 6th, organised by Legalize! Nederland. It starts at 13.00, on Dam Square. The route will be: Dam - Rokin - Regulierbreestraat - Rembrandsplein - Waterlooplein - Mr. Visserplein - Kattenburgerstraat - Oostelijke Handelskade

At 17.00 this is followed by the Amsterdam Night against the Drug War, at the Oostelijke Handelskade, the location where the streetparty ends ...

The following soundsystems will play at the street party and at the 'Night':

Atmosphere (trance, goa), Awareness (trance, acid, techno), Club Wear House (lekkere house), Dance Roads (club, trance, techno), Empathy (acidic sounds, psychedelic trance), Equivalence (acid, techno), Freezone Department (jungle, trip hop, techno), Hectic (techno), Killer Whale (gabber), KX (hard techno), Loop Rhythm & Quadrant (underground from England), Mindscapes (techno), Psycho Cyber Bar (techno), Ransom (jungle, drum & bass), Smart (club, techno), Wave (reggea, hip hop), Zodiak Commune (techno, acid, electro)

The Amsterdam Street Party against the Drug War is sponsored by grants from more than fifteen organisations.

In preparation of the Street Party, we're organising several support events:

18 April, Repetitiehuis, Oostelijke Handelskade 21, A'dam
29 April, Lucid Luna, Hertogstraat 13, Nijmegen
8 May Openbare Orde, 2e Walstraat 100, Nijmegen
23 May, Dio, Van Schaeck Mathonsingel 10, Nijmegen

Further info: Jan-Frank Gerards, [email protected]

Drug Policy Forum in De Rode Hoed, Sunday June 7th

Sunday June 7th, the Recreational Drugs Committee, in cooperation with the Dutch Drug Policy Foundation, the National Foundation of Drug Users, and Legalize!, will hold a great political forum in De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam.

Time: 14.00
Location: De Rode Hoed, Keizergracht 102, Amsterdam

Further information: Recreational Drugs Committee, Hans Ossebaard, [email protected], or Erik van Ree, [email protected]

For background information about the events in the Netherlands, read the interview in Algemeen Dagblad, April 1.

Eugene, Oregon

Oregon Legalization Daze!

Oregonians for Personal Privacy 420 will sponsor a Saturday June 6th Afternoon Rally and evening Concert, Sunday Picnic in the Park with Music and a Demonstration Monday June 8th.

For more information:
Oregonians for Personal Privacy 420
George Stephano-Rose
Post Office Box 24715 Eugene, Oregon 97402
phone: 541-485-4526
e-mail: [email protected]
web: http://www.efn.org/~opp


El Cogollo, the Asociacion Madrile´┐Ża de Estudios sobre el Cannabis (AMEC) and other Spanish organisations are planning a street party in Madrid against the prohibition of marihuana and for the reform of world politics on drugs. It will be on Sunday June 7th at 12 o'clock, beginning at the "Plaza del Emperador Carlos V" and ending at the "Plaza de Santa Ana". We expect the presence of a few thousand people ...

Contacts: Esteban Escobar, [email protected], or Adri, [email protected], or [email protected].

Melbourne, June 6, 7, 8

The Melbourne Marijuana Munch-In!
Treasury Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A three day event is being held in response to the "two cautions" system, which will feature a demonstration of cannacookery for medicinal and recreational use!

Workshops and competitions will be run over the three day event which will also serve as a recruitment drive for the recently revived Mullers & Packers Union.

For more information
web site: http://www.paranoia.com/wwweed/mpu/
email to: [email protected]

New Zealand

It is expected that the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party will be staging activity against prohibitionism during the Global Days against the Drug War. This will probably involve public demonstrations in each of New Zealand's four main cities. The exact details are yet to be determined. Other activities considered are debates, fairs, "sit-ins". Any innovative ideas for action will be appreciated.

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party is New Zealand's leading organisation fighting prohibition. It is a registered political party and contested the 1996 general election, receiving 1.66% of the total vote after existing for only 8 months. It is building resources to contest the 1999 general election and hopes to beat the 5% vote threshold and thereby be allocated seats in parliament.

Brandon Hutchison
General Secretary, ALCP
[email protected]


The National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws has lobbied for marijuana law refom in New Zealand since 1976. NORML NZ supports the establishment of a regulated legal cannabis market.

We'll be organising various activities around NZ, including a big march up Queen St, Auckland, Saturday June 6.

The debate in NZ has really picked up lately; its now on the front page of most papers several times a week. The Drug Policy Forum in NZ has just released a report advocating the legalisation/regulation of mj, and we're busy publicising that. Looking forward to June 6!

Contact: Chris Fowlie
NORML NZ board member
60 Queen Street
PO Box 3307
Auckland NZ

Ph: +64 9 302-5255
Fax: +64 9 303-1309
Email: [email protected]


The CORA Congress takes is held in Paris June 5 & 6!
Two demonstrations take place on the 7th!

"Drogues: l´┐Żgalisez le d´┐Żbat!"

Grande manifestation ´┐Ż l'appel du Collectif pour l'abrogation de la loi de 1970

Dimanche 7 juin - Paris
15h Bastille (D´┐Żpart du d´┐Żfil´┐Ż)
17h Quais de Tournelles (Stands, d´┐Żbats, musique, spectacles)

Grande manif pour l'abrogation de l'article L.630 qui reprime la libert´┐Ż d´┐Żexpression sur les drogues et pour l'ouverture au Parlement et dans le pays d'un debat public ouvert ´┐Ż tous les citoyens sur l'acc´┐Żs legal aux produits actuellement classes au tableau des stupefiants suivant des modalites differenciees.

The 'Collectif' is composed of ten French antiprohibitionist groups: la Ligue des droits de l'homme, le Syndicat de la magistrature, ASUD (Auto-Support d'Usagers de Drogues), Act Up-Paris, le CIRC (collectif d'information et de recherche canabiques), les Verts, Chiche!, la CORA, Tekno+, SAS (Substitution Auto-Support)

Yves T´┐Żvessin, [email protected]
Stephane Lavignotte, [email protected]
Asud t´┐Żl : 01 53 26 26 53 fax 01 53 26 26 56

CORA Congress, June 5, 6, 7 !

CORA, the Coordination Radicale Antiprohibitionniste, will organise the CORA congress on June 5, 6 and 7 in Paris! Highlights:

(Salle Victor HUGO, 101 rue de l'Universit´┐Ż, VII Arrondissement - M´┐Żtro Assembl´┐Że Nationale - Ligne 12 or M´┐Żtro Invalides, RER Lignes 13 and 8)

(Salle 262 - 28, Rue Ste Dominique, VII arrondissement - M´┐Żtro Assembl´┐Że Nationale - Ligne 12 or Invalides, RER Lignes 13 and 8)

(Place Fontenoy, VII´┐Żme arrondissement)

Informations and inscriptions:

Guendalina De Sario: Tel 0032-2-230.41.21 ou 00-32-2-284.28.27
Fax: 00-32-2-230.36.70 ou 00-32-2-284.91.98

Ottavio Marzocchi: Tel 00-32-2-284.22.58
e-mail: [email protected]

New Orleans

Contact: Jesse Davis, [email protected]


The Jenaer Antiprohibitionstage June 5-8 !

Friday, 5th there is a lecture about drug politics in switzerland and the results of the 1997 vote (Jugend ohne Drogen). This lecture will be held by Prof. Dr. Bruno Hildenbrand from the Institute of Sociology on the University of Jena. After the lecture we'll show the movie "Klatschmohn" about the switzerland heroin-scene.

Sunday, 7th will be held the Ambient garden, with talks about Prohibition and Drug War, Drugs in different cultures, Alternatives to the Drug War. We'll have music with DJs, drinks and food and information. We will show movies in the evening.

Monday, 8th there is the "Drogenpolitischer Runder Tisch" a talk with MPs about Alternatives to the drug war. It starts at 16.30 o'clock at the "Theatercafe" in Jena. In the evening there is the Legalize-Party in the Kassablanca.

Contact: Uwe Herzer, [email protected]
or J´┐Żrg Jenetzky, [email protected]
web: http://www.kassablanca.de


Contact: John Gatty, [email protected]


Hanf-Liga Vogelsberg in Alsfeld is planning the following events:

Saturday, 06.06. 1998, 8 pm: Concert with HIGHZUNG (Polit-Hanf-Punkrock) and "Die Rueckkehr der unheilbaren Krankheit", in JUZ Alsfeld

Sunday, 07.06.1998, 2 pm: "2. Cannabis-Aktionstag", a Public Forum with several speakers, a musical program, and Info-Stands. Marktplatz, Alsfeld.

Contact: Hanf-Liga Vogelsberg
c/o Jo Biermanski
Untere Fuldergasse 12
36304 Alsfeld
Tel: 06631-1439
Fax: 06631-73576

Los Angeles

A rally is scheduled for June 6th 12 noon, to be held at the Orange County Federal Bldg. in Santa Ana, CA.

Contact: Dave Myers, director, Orange County Hemp Council, [email protected]


The Saarland departement of the Jung Social Democrats of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), in cooperation with other organisations, have plans for a manifestation on June 7th at the "Schengener Bruecke", a bridge over the Mosel river at the location where the borders between Germany, France and Luxemburg meet, near the Luxemburg town of Schengen.

In Schengen, a treaty was signed twelve years ago between 5 European countries, regulating the free exchange of personnel between member states. Residents of the Schengen countries can travel freely between these countries needing only a national ID card. In return for this freedom of personal travel several other measures have been adopted, a.o. shared access to the Schengen Information System (SIS) located in Strassburg with a searchable Schengen-wide personal and material database; close cooperation of the police and justice systems; common battle against drug criminality. However, the French President, Chirac, has in the past years frustrated the full implementation of the treaty by putting patrols at the borders between Belgium and France, accusing the Netherlands of causing drug trafficking problems by its liberal drug laws.

The event at the Schengener Bruecke will probably involve a march across the bridge and the handing over of some suitable symbolic commodities from representatives of German drug policy reform groups, to their French counterparts, and v.v.

More information: Jochen Dieter Baarss, [email protected]

Winnipeg, Canada

We are having a rally in Winnipeg on June 7th at 1:00 pm at the Legislative Building, in support of the Global Coalition.

Contact info: Chris Buors
tel: (204) 663-3485
e-mail: [email protected]


A group of people are putting on a series of Monday Marches to End Prohibition in Seattle WA. We plan on having our March on June 8th in solidarity with the Global Days!

The March is scheduled for March 8th at 6PM. We will meet at Westlake Mall and march to The Convention Center.

We will work closely with the Coalition so that we speak with one mighty voice. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or ideas.

Tim Crowley
phone: 206/389-6520
e-mail: [email protected]

Contact info: Chris Buors
tel: (204) 663-3485
e-mail: [email protected]


"Globale Tage gegen den Drogenkrieg 1998" ist die Antwort auf die Uneinsichtigkeit im Bereich der Aufkl´┐Żrung zum Thema Drogen durch die UN und die USA. Die Gruppe SOS./Sozialrassismus hat sich zu The 1998 Global Days Against the Drug War eingeklinkt und organisiert dazu eine Diskussionsveranstaltung zum Thema "Cannabis Konsum - Pro oder Kontra" mit namhaften Teilnehmern aus der Politik, den Medien, der Justiz und der Kultur am 7. Juni 1998 in Karo City, Marktstr. 55, 20359 Hamburg um 16.00 h.

Bisher zugesagt haben J´┐Żrn Breiholz (HH 19/Stadtmagazin), Martin M´┐Żncheberg (B´┐Żndnis Hanfparade e.V., Berlin), J´┐Żrgen Stark (Buchautor u.a. von "Rennaisance der Spie´┐Żer", Verlag Die Werkstatt, und NO SEX - Die neue Pr´┐Żderie in Deutschland", rororo), Klaus M. Schulz (Hg. vom OXMOX, Stadtmagazin) und Tom Rocker, als Diskursleiter (Investigativer Underground Journalismus, ver´┐Żffentlicht in zahlreichen Underground und Szenen- Zeitschriften wie u.a. Biker News, T´┐Żtowier Magazin, Reggae Report, Oxmox, Rockkalender, HH 19 sowie in versch. Hanf-Magazinen.

Contact info: Matthew Appleby
e-mail: [email protected]


Legalize! Rome has recently been established. We will organise an event in Rome, and take with us all Italy!

Contact: Ambroso Enrico, [email protected]


InHaLe Trier will organise an information stand on Monday June 9th. Its members will be present in Schengen on Sunday.

Contact info: Matthew Appleby
e-mail: [email protected]


INitiative for a New drug policy (INN) is planning a activity in the capital of Norway, Oslo, during the Global Days ... We're also planning a press conference to launch our initiative and our support for the Global Days...

INitiative for a New drug policy (INN)
Frank Lorvik, co-ordinator
Oslo, Norway
Email: [email protected]

Marbella, Spain

Legalize! Spain is planning a march through Marbella the 8th June, ending on the beach with a concert.

Fernando Mesia,
Marbella, Spain
Email: [email protected]

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A peaceful protest will take place in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, June 5 at 5pm at the Federal Courthouse, Broward Boulevard & NE 3rd Ave. The Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana (CAMM) is working with the local Libertarians and FAMM to pull it together.

Speakers will include Toni Leeman, Tom Regnier and Elvy Musikka, one of eight patients in the country to receive marijuana from the government to treat her glaucoma.

Toni Leeman, President
Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana
(954) 763-1799
Tom Regnier, Secretary
Libertarian Party
(561) 994-2660 xt. 2295

Bilbao, Iru´┐Żea/Pamplona, Vitoria/Gasteiz, Hernani
Basque Country, Spain

Kalamudia - Association for the Study of Cannabis from the Basque Country, and Bizitzeko, Platform for Drugs Liberalization, also from the Basque Country, have joined the Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War. We both are members of the Coordination for Cannabis Normalization in Spain (together with AMEC, ARSEC and others) and have also joined the coalition promoted from ENCOD (I participated in writing its manifesto in Torino and Vienna).

Our groups and a third one called Askagintza have organized four demonstrations in the Basque Country for the Global Days:

Bilbao: Friday June 5th, 20.00 h, Zabalburu plaza.

Iru´┐Żea/Pamplona: Friday June 5th, 20.00 h, Navarreria plaza.

Vitoria/Gasteiz: Saturday June 6th, 13.30 h, Farinas.

Hernani: Sunday June 7th, 13.00 h, Plazaberri.

Thursday 28th May we have a press conference and many other events during the next week.

Our group's adress is:

Kalamudia, Cannabisaren Ikerketarako Elkartea.
Pelota, 5, behekoa. E-48005 Bilbao (Spain).
Tel.: 34-944161211
Fax: 34-944164734
e-mail: [email protected]
web page: http://kalamudia.kender.es

Bellingham, WA

A demonstration will take place on the 6th of June in conjunction with Global Days in Bellingham, Washington. Contact:

Tyree Callahan
[email protected]


Texas Hemp Campaign is planning a protest on 8 June 1998, in the courtyard directly behind the Federal Builing here in Austin, Texas. We will do two vigils, the first is from 11am until 1pm, the next is from 4pm until 7pm. We will have posters banners etc. and hand out literature with information on the many many uses of hemp.

Federal Building (The one built for LBJ when he was here)
300 E. Eight Street
Austin, Texas 78701

More details:
Texas Hemp Campaign
phone: 512-441-4099
e-mail: [email protected].

Arnsberg-Niedereimer, Germany

We are happy to inform you about our "taking a part in the action". We organize our demonstration party as followed:

At 6.6.1998, 10:30 - open end, by nice weather as an indoor & open air, in Arnsberg-Niedereimer, Germany, by "ZERO", a goa-trance event with DJ`s: Sangeet, Juan Casa, Tapesh, Kaya, Pan.

Chill out with campfire, fresh-fruits-free, chaishop, and DJ`s: Asura, H.E.X.E, Tobias, David Sun.

Live: Analogue Dream

Deco by Ag larana & tara

Infofon: 02932/975230.
e-mail: [email protected] (moti argaman)


We'll be staging a wreath-laying ceremony at the monument for the fallen soldiers of the wars Canada participated in during this century. This monument is situated at Place du Canada, on Peel street, between Blvd Renen Levesque and Av La Gauchetiere. The ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 7th, at 16.00h.

Info: Larry Duprey, [email protected]


ARSECA, the Asociation Ramon Santos of Studies of Cannabis Andalucia, will organise a gathering on Saturday 6 of june 13 hours at the "Plaza de la Merced".

Information: [email protected]


A Celebration to Launch the National HEMP PARTY
(Help End Marijuana Prohibition Party)

Saturday, June 6th, 7pm
The Box Factory, Regent St. South, Adelaide, South Australia

In addition to food, fun, music, videos, displays and stalls, HEMP activists and political candidates for the forthcoming Federal elections, will be on hand to sign up members to Australia's newest political party.

The HEMP Party's Party will feature delicious vegetarian catering with musical entertainment provided by well known Adelaide muso, bookshop owner and activist Rob Scott.

"Highlights" from the 1998 HEMP Roadshow to the Nimbin Mardi Grass and Cannabis Law Reform Fiesta will be screening for one-night-only, featuring classic behind-the-scenes footage from this years Cannabis Cup.

This inaugral event has been organised by the HEMP Party for the Global Days against the Drug War as a proactive response to the United Nations Special Session on Drugs that is being held concurrently in New York.

All Hempsters, drug law reformers, activists and interested parties are invited to attend.

More information:
email: [email protected]
phone: (08) 8357 7360
web: http://www.hemp.on.net.au

Davenport, Iowa

The Quad City Hemp Coalition presents:

Davenport Day against the Drug War
A demonstration and rally

Sunday June 7th, 1998 1:00 PM
Scott County Courthouse
416 West 4th Street,
Davenport, Iowa

For further information, contact:

James Getman
2618 Wilkes Av.
Davenport, IA 52804
Home Phone 319-386-0099
Email: [email protected]


Actions in Moscow organized by the Radical Party

In Moscow, several antiprohibitionist actions are planned which are being organized by Russian members of the Transnational Radical Party.

* JUNE 5th, 14:00: In the National Press Institute (Prechistenka 10): press conference of the Radical Party, dedicated to the Global Days against the Drug War, to the latest antiprohibitionist initiatives of the Radical Party in the Russian Parliament (inquiry to the Constitutional Court regarding the recently adopted Federal Law "On Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances", amendments to the Criminal Code and to the anti-drug law itself).

* JUNE 6th AND 7th, 13:00 - 19:00: On Pushkin square (at the "Natasha" shop): street table to collect signatures of citizens under the petition to the Parliament "For The Intervention Of Rule Of Law: Legalize And Control Drugs To Face Them Better".

* JUNE 8th, 17:00: In front of the UN mission in Russian Federation (per. Obukha 6): demonstration under slogan "Prohibitionism On Drugs Is A Crime".

* JUNE 9th, 18:00: On Pushkin square (at the Pushkin's monument): antiprohibitionist rally, a nonviolent action of civil disobedience to the art. 46 of the new anti-drug law, which prohibits distribution of any information concerning drugs. Radical activists will distribute pamphlets with objective information on cannabis.

* JUNE 10th, 16:00 - 19:00: On Pushkin square (at "Natasha" shop): "Street Referendum" asking citizens to answer about their attitude to the depenalization of personal use, legalization of cannabis and controlled distribution of medical heroin among heroin addicts.

For more information:
phone: +7-095-9239127
e-mail: [email protected]
web: http://www.radicalparty.org



The Campaign to Legalise Cannabis International Association (CLCIA) presents a wreath-laying ceremony in support of Global Days against the Drug War

Friday June 5th, 1998 starting at noon
The War Memorial, Back of the Market, Norwich, Norfolk

Members of the CLCIA and others will lay wreaths at the War Memorial in Norwich, in memory of those who fought against tyranny and repression and in sympathy with those victims of the prolonged "War on Drugs".

Flyers showing the real effects of the prohibition of drugs will be distributed and press interviews are welcome.

Flyers will also be distributed in Norwich on June 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, also in Braintree and Cambridge on June 6th.

For further information, contact:
Jack Girling, CLCIA, +44 (0)1603 625780 e-mail [email protected]
"Senseless Prohibition" : http://www.paston.co.uk/users/webbooks/sensless.html

Campaign to Legalise Cannabis International Association (CLCIA)
54C Peacock Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1TB, England.
Campaigners' Guide : http://www.paston.co.uk/users/webbooks/index.html
CLCIA : http://www.foobar.co.uk/users/ukcia/groups/clcia.html
e-mail : [email protected] Tel : +44 (0)1603 625780
"The use of cannabis ought to be a matter of choice, not of law."

Victoria, B.C.

There will be a rave/rally in front of the British Columbia Legislature in Victoria, B.C. on Sunday June 7.

More info: Ian Hunter, [email protected]

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