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  • 9/1, Brisbane, Australia -- VOICE DAY, open forum at the at the Parliament House in Brisbane. Admission $12, 9:15am - 4:00pm (registration opening at 8:30). For info, e-mail [email protected], call (07) 3260 6277 or (07) 3260 7016 or fax (07) 3260 6277 for further information, or visit
  • 9/2, Minneapolis, MN -- JUST SAY NO DOESN'T WORK: HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES TO CURRENT YOUTH DRUG PREVENTION PROGRAMS, featuring Dr. Joel Brown, Executive Director of the Center for Educational Research and Development in Berkeley, CA. Free public forum by the Open Debate Project, co-sponsored by the Minnesota Drug Policy Fund and the Minnesota Drug Policy Council. Dr. Brown is a leading authority on evaluation of youth drug prevention programs. He was principle investigator of one of the largest evaluations of drug education in the United States. (Brown's study is online at At the U of M Law School (West Bank of the U of M, Auditorium, Room #25, 229 19th Avenue So., reception at 6:00pm, forum from 7:00-9:00pm. For further information, contact Scott Warnick, (612) 827-1068, [email protected], or Mark Willenbring, (612) 839-4482, [email protected].
  • 9/5, London, England -- REGULATING CANNABIS: OPTIONS FOR CONTROL IN THE 21ST CENTURY -- AN INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM. At Regent's College, sponsored by The Lindesmith Center and Release. For further information, contact Mireille Jacobson at the Lindesmith Center, (212) 548-0603, x1469, e-mail [email protected], or Vicki Charles at Release, at (44/171) 729-5255, fax (44/171) 729-2599, or visit
  • 9/25, New York City -- EXPANDED PHARMACOTHERAPIES FOR THE TREATMENT OF OPIATE DEPENDENCE, a conference presenting the latest research, policies, and practices related to the use of opiates and other drugs -- including codeine, morphine, diacetylmorphine, buprenorphine, methadone, and amphetamine -- for maintenance treatment of addiction. At the New York Academy of Medicine, 5th Ave. & 103rd Street, 9:00am - 5:00pm, admission $50 (lunch included), $20 for students. For info, call (212) 822-7237, fax (212) 876-4220, visit, or e-mail [email protected].
  • 9/25-9/27, Berkeley, CA -- CRITICAL RESISTANCE: BEYOND THE PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, a National Conference and Strategy Session. Building a campaign to resist the expansion of the punishment industry. For further information, contact: Critical Resistance, P.O. Box 339, Berkeley, CA 94701, (510) 643-2094, fax: (510) 845-8816, [email protected],
  • 9/26, New York City -- THE FIRST METHADONE ADVOCACY CONFERENCE, Roosevelt Hospital Auditorium, 1000 Tenth Avenue. "The voice of the methadone patient has been excluded from methadone treatment for too long. This conference will discuss the empowering of methadone patients, stigma and important issues that impact the lives of methadone patients such as physician prescribing." This is a Methadone Patient Organized Conference for Methadone Patients. To register, send NAMA a coupon with your name, address, and phone number, with 1) a check or money or order for $25.00; or 2) a photocopy of your patient ID card and a donation of whatever you can afford. Mail it to: NAMA, 435 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10010.
  • 9/26-29, New York City -- AMERICAN METHADONE TREATMENT ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE 1998, 9/26-29, Marriott Marquis, New York City, registration $360. For more information and to register visit
  • 10/7-10, Cleveland, OH --- THE SECOND NATIONAL HARM REDUCTION CONFERENCE, sponsored by the Harm Reduction Coalition. For further information, call (212) 213-6376, or visit on the web.
  • 11/12-14, Bethesda, MD -- CRIME AND POLITICS IN THE 21ST CENTURY: PUBLIC SAFETY AND THE QUALITY OF JUSTICE. Conference of the Campaign for an Effective Crime Policy, a coalition of progressively minded criminal justice professionals, legislators, advocates and other concerned citizens, coordinated by The Sentencing Project. For further information, see
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